Szia, the right way kérek?

Bocsánat, nem magyarul beszélek

Besides, my head is spinning like a kürtőskalács

Still I try to fit my thoughts in words like meat in kolbász


But the right way I don’t know

Lay your head to the street and listen

You hear a heart beating

Nem tudom tudom tudom


Értem your problem

You can be lost in huszonhárom districts

Between Basilica and Parliament or anti-EU politics

Tizenegy hidak between Buda and Pest

Tizenegy hidak between East and West

It takes quite some nagy lépes

But then you shouldn’t take any stairs

Or you go the same way Gellért did

So just go that way and take another bridge


Don’t go to people and ask ‘hogy vagy’, all you get is fáradtFullSizeRender - kopie

So we cry and drink some pálinkát

Get lost and found in a romkert

Do as Alice did when she wondered

How she became a midget after one drink

Why everybody is mad here

Why one pays one euro fifty for half a liter of Soproni beer

Why that same euro is worth three hundred forint

So you can have a lot of késpénsz but aren’t actually rich

Nem tudom tudom tudom




The people on the street, they don’t really speak

But one time someone asked me ‘ki vagy?’

All I could say was

Jó napot kivánok

Monica, diák és Holland vagyok

But I can’t explain myself any more

I think I am different than I was the night before

I can tell you hogy hívnak

That I want to see it all before az ajtók zárodnak

I’m huszon kettö Jahren, sometimes I do hibás

I don’t know where is my wégallomás

I close my ears and listen to my heart beat going

Nem tudom tudom tudom


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